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Hookah is an oriental tobacco pipe with a long, flexible tube that draws the smoke through water contained in a bowl.

Hookahs come in many different sizes, appearances, shapes, and styles and  we carry an amazing selection of Hookahs that suits every taste and budget.

At Ashburn Cigars & Vapes, we carry several brands of Hookahs that really stand out in the market such as Khalil Mamoon, Al Fakher & Starbuzz.  Vapor Hookahs also are available in different designs that cater to the serious Hookah smoker.

We also carry all the Hookahs accessories such as tobacco, Glass Hookah Bases, Hookah Hoses, Hose Adapters, Hookah Stems, Stem Adapters, Tobacco Burners, Cases, Wind Covers, Tobacco Tongs & Charcoal. 

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