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As an an alternative to traditional smoking, we offer several popular brands of vapes (e-cigarettes) and accessories, including Blu, Green Smoke, Mist Fix, 21st Century Smoke, and Njoy.

We also carry Vape Starter Kits which provides everything you need to start vaping. Vapes and mod kits contain a vast range of features like variable and temperature control to get your foot in the door so you can start vaping today! A typical vape kit includes a mod, tank and a charging cable if required.

We carry starter kits such as batteries, flavored cartridges, adapters, and usb chargers. If you need more than a few cartridges there are larger kits available. Depending on the brand, cartridges and disposables range in different quantities, nicotine content, and flavors including menthol, traditional, cherry, blueberry, and many more. Batteries and portable or home chargers come individually as well.


Also our e-hookahs by Fantasia and Imperial have a bigger burst of flavor and vapor.


If you have any questions on any of the vape box mods or vape kits, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are always here to help you and be your ultimate vape store.

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